Pain in the lower back.
Accompanying signs & symptoms
Pain or soreness in the lower back, stiffness in the back

Possible Causes

Muscle strain or other muscle injury
Severe muscle fatigue as the result of working long hours, heavy lifting etc.
Vertebral disk injury or displacement
Herniated disk
Accumulated physical exhaustion

Physiological Mechanisms

Persistent use of muscle, accident, straining often result in soft tissue injury, accumulations of lactic acid (muscle waste) and poor blood circulation to the local area. As the result, the healing mechanism becomes sluggish in facilitating the recovery of the injury, and results in muscle tenderness, stiffness and aching pain.

Treatment Modalities

Specialty Acupuncture treatment between 6-8 sessions. Once a week.

How do Acupuncture & Chinese herbs work?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treats the condition by doing the following:
Releasing muscle tensions
Reducing local inflammation and swelling
Reducing harmful hormones accumulated in the affected areas.
Improving local blood circulation
Facilitating the self repairing processes
Promoting deep relaxation of the muscle
Calming the mind and body
Reducing pain, soreness and local stiffness.

Health Advice

Reducing the intake of caffeine and cigarette smoking
Eat a balance diet
Establishing a regular eating habit
Encouraging moderate, regular and outdoor exercises