Endometriosis ≠ Contraceptive Pill.
Acupuncture & Chinese medicine have the ANSWER.

Endometriosis is a medical term for the displacement of endometrial tissue.

In Chinese medicine, endometriosis is more commonly referred to as dysmenorrhoea, meaning painful period or painful menstruation. As the key symptoms of endometriosis is period pain.

The common symptoms of endometriosis include experience of pain, ache or soreness around the lower abdominal region at the beginning (day 1 or 2) of the menstruation. Endometriosis without adequate treatment often lead to fertility problems later on in life.

Accompanying signs & symptoms

Key symptoms: pain around the lower abdominal region at the beginning of the period (menstruation), bloating below the belly button,

Accompanying symptoms include: abdominal cramps, soreness in the lower back, cold sensation around the knees, blood clots, generally unwell, sensitivity to cold, cold hands and feet.

Possible Causes

Hormonal imbalance
Excessive use of caffeine use in the past
Poor blood circulation

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine for endometriosis

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine provide natural, effective and safe treatments for endometriosis by regulating the imbalances in the body such hormonal profile, blood circulation issues as well as reduce stress factors in the body which are the causes to the problem.

Treatment Modalities

Specialty acupuncture 12 sessions. 1-2 sessions per week for the first 4 weeks. Chinese herbal medicine may be required pending on individual assessment.

How do Acupuncture & Chinese herbs work?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treats the condition by doing the following:
Reducing mental and physiological stress in the body
Improve uterine blood circulation
Correction of hormonal imbalances
Promote relaxations in the body
Reduce tensions in the body
Calming the mind and body
Purge the blood clots

Health Advice

Reducing the intake of caffeine and cigarette smoking
Eat a balance diet
Establishing a regular eating habit
Encouraging moderate, regular and outdoor exercises