Acupuncture & Chinese medicine for Angina


It is a condition where the sufferer experiences chest pain, tightness and oppression in the centre of the chest. Sometimes, this pain may radiates to the shoulder and the upper arm.

Accompanying signs & symptoms

Key signs & symptoms: Chest oppression, chest pain or tightness

Accompanying signs & symptoms: radiating pains to the shoulder and the upper arm, breathless. Condition maybe be worsened in cold weather or upon physical exertions.

Possible Causes

This is the result of inadequately supply of blood to meet the demands of the heart muscles. These are signs of the body fail to deliver adequate supply of oxygen to the heart. It is caused by the narrowing of the arteries, namely coronary arteries, which supply the blood to the heart muscles, as the results of gradual depositions of cholesterol inside the arteries.

Causative factors for angina include:
Poor dietary habits,
High intake of fat, cholesterol rich foods, dairy products or red meat
Low intake of fresh fruits, vegetables or fibre rich foods
Cigarette smoking

Physiological Mechanisms

Angina chest pain occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle cannot meet its demand. This happens when the blood supply to the heart is reduced by the narrowing of the artery, and the demand for blood increased during exercises and other physical activities.

Treatment Modalities

Chinese herbal medicine, specialty acupuncture

How do Acupuncture & Chinese herbs work?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treats the condition by doing the following:
Improving oxygen supply to the heart
Relax heart muscle
Dilating the arteries
Removing the fat deposits on the artery walls
Reducing harmful hormones in the body
Reducing physiological stress in the body
Improving overall blood circulations in the body
Alleviating chest pain and associated symptoms.

Health Advice

Reducing the intake of caffeine and cigarette smoking
Eat a balance diet
Establishing a regular eating habit
Encouraging moderate, regular and outdoor exercises