Acupuncture & Chinese medicine for Chronic Fatigue


It is a debilitating TIREDNESS , which affects the lifestyle of the sufferer.

Accompanying signs & symptoms

Key symptoms: Persistent feeling of tiredness, lack of energy
Accompany symptoms include: digestive problems, allergies, stress, depressions, recently history of colds and flu, persistent infections, anxiety, stress and nervousness

Possible Causes

Low immune status
Post viral latency
Stress and depression
Chemical intoxication
Accumulated physical and mental exhaustion

Physiological Mechanisms

Excessive physical exhaustion from over use of caffeine or pushing the body for a long period of time. Consequently, the body is in huge energy debt which fail to recover.

Treatment Modalities

Specialty Acupuncture treatment between 10 sessions. 1-2 sessions per week.

How do Acupuncture & Chinese herbs work?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treats the condition by doing the following:
As similar to charge up your bodies battery.
Improving the quality of sleep.
Restoring the balance of hormonal regulation in the body
Reducing stress reactions in the body
Regulating the distorted immune function
Activating the immune system
Promoting detoxification of the body
Reduce anxiety and stress
Reduce tension in the body

Health Advice

Reducing the intake of caffeine and cigarette smoking
Eat a balance diet
Establishing a regular eating habit
Encouraging moderate, regular and outdoor exercises