Natural Treatment for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese medicine have the answer.

Do you think a lot, worry a lot or have a sense of melancholy?
Are you feeling down or low?
Do you have problem SWITCHING OFF at night?
If you do, you may be suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

As high as 95% of the population suffer from stress, anxiety and/or depression and are NOT even AWARE of it !
In addition, manifestations (symptoms) of anxiety includes
HUGE appetite, frequent hunger, UNCONTROLLED EATING behaviour,
sweet or chocolate cravings as well as addictions
such as smoking, gambling, shopping etc
Furthermore, stress and anxiety without management CAN and OFTEN result in DEPRESSION.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine provide NATURAL & effective treatment for stress, anxiety & depression by correcting imbalances in the body and bring a sense of calmness, peace and wellbeing to your life.

Acupuncture offers a natural treatment for stress, anxiety & depression.
How Can Acupuncture Help ?
Key aspects:
– Reduce stress, tension and emotional worrying
– Balance the two nervous system between sympathetic & parasympathetic.
– Reduce the symptoms of stress reactions such as sweet cravings and hunger.
– Calms the body and mind to bring a sense of good health and wellbeing.
– Give you a calm and clear mind and thought.

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How many sessions are needed?
Usually around 8 -10 weekly sessions are required. Regular maintenance treatments are required after 10 sessions.

Specialty acupuncture treatment works very well for stress, anxiety and depression in general. Individual cases may vary. Patient often experience emotional calmness, peace, better energy and wellbeing after 2 weeks or 5 sessions.