Are you troubled by women’s health problems such as Period Pain, PMS or PCOS?

Were you told that you have Endometriosis or Fibroids?

Are you affected by UTI, Kidney Infections or Hot Flashes?

 Do you want to solve your women’s problems without treatments such as HRT, Antibiotics or Contraceptive Pills?

Yes, Specialty Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have the answer.

Women’s health problems in total can affect over 60% of the female population world wide. Problems such as period pain or PMS are extremely common. Other problems such as UTI or kidney infections may be less common. However, these problems often relapse frequently causing the sufferers great discomfort. The conventional medications for the female health problems are hormone therapies, antibiotics or painkiller medications. These medications have severe consequences if used for a prolonged period of time. For example, hormone related therapies such as contraceptive pills or HRT, are well known for their linkages to breast cancer, stroke or heart problems.

By contrast, Specialty Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offer a safe and effective treatment alternative. Furthermore, from Chinese medicine perspective, many of these problems are related and can therefore be treated at the same time.

Tenercy Ho has had extensive experiences and successes in treating a wide range of women’s health problems since 2001. These problems include menstrual problems, PMS and PCOS; menopause issues such as hot flashes or related mood disorders such as depression; fertility issues as well urological problems such as UTI, bladder or kidney infections.

Treatment Detail

Specialty Acupuncture for Women’s Health Problem is a ONE hour session. Please allow 75 minutes to complete the session. The treatment involves multiple treatment modalities including aromatherapy, far-Infrared treatment as well as acupuncture.

Dress requirement: Comfortable clothing. Avoid one piece body suit

What To Expect?

During a 60 minute session, acupuncture activates many biological reactions in your body. These reactions include regulating hormonal imbalance in the body, relaxing your body and mind, reducing stress hormones and balancing your nervous system, accelerating your immune system and improving your energy level, as well as rebalancing your blood circulation. One acupuncture treatment can last up to 5 days.

Treatment Effects

Between 2-5 sessions

– Minimised key symptoms pending on the conditions treated

– sleep better and wake up fresher

– you would feel energized and relaxed with a better sense of wellbeing

Between 5-10 sessions

– Pending on the key conditions treated, key conditions may be totally disappeared or completely managed.

– you would feel healthier, more energised and enjoy better sense of wellbeing.

Treatment Recommendation

Weekly acupuncture treatment for 10 weeks. After 10 weeks, we recommend acupuncture treatment every 4-6 weeks for general health maintenance and emotional wellbeing