Stress Man. Businessman suffers from a headache

Stress Man. Businessman suffers from a headache

Migraine is one of the common headache suffered by people as a result of our busy lifestyle, intense work schedule as well as frequent mobile phone usage. According to the WHO 2003 survey, 303 million people worldwide suffers from migraine, and in an article from 2004, there are almost 20 million migraine attacks happening everyday.

So what is migraine? Migraine is a type of headache that has a very specific set of signs and symptoms, and it often requires a proper diagnosis from a medical doctor. Typical signs and symptoms of migraine may include: one sided headache, vision disturbances, photophobia (visual sensitivity to bright light and a preference to darkness), nausea, vomiting and in severe cases, partial loss of sensation on the face. The person is often highly stressed emotionally. He /she can also be suffering from muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and is having a sensitive scalp.

The actual physiological causes of migraine is unclear, however, it has been suggested that migraine is likely to be caused by abnormal dilatation of arteries in the scalp and the brain. The widening of the artery is triggered by partial closure of other nearby arteries. As a result, this causes temporary disturbances of the brain function.

Common factors that can cause migraine

Factors that can induce migraine headache include: emotional tensions and stress, muscular tensions in the neck and shoulders, (stiffness in the neck and shoulders), hormonal fluctuation induced fluid retention, certain foods or chemical sensitivities.

Migraine: A Chinese Medicine Perspective.

Acupuncture Meridian and Points

Migraine from a Chinese medicine perspective, is a headache related to Shao Yang (Lesser Yang). The acupuncture points along the Shao Yang meridian (Gall Bladder Meridian) can be very tender and sensitive. Migraine headache also has a close association to both physical and emotional tension. During the treatment sessions, these issues are also addressed in order to provide an effective treatment and management as well as prevention of other future attacks.

Natural therapies for Migraine with Tenercy Ho

Natural Therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, aromatherapy as well as Far Infrared Therapy in combination can provide effective treatment and prevention for migraine headache. This is because the natural therapy regime addresses the causes of migraine such as emotional and muscular tensions, stress as well as hormonal imbalance.

Mechanisms of how natural therapies work including
– relax muscles and reduce muscle spasm
– reduce emotional and physical tensions
– reduce both emotional and physical stress
– regulate hormonal imbalances to prevent / treat fluid retention.

Furthermore, the best way to treat migraine is to prevent migraine in the first place.

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