Natural Therapies for Men’s Health Problems, OrangeRedPaingBGWid200

Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Have the Answer.

BusinessManWid250DP174Are you over worked, feeling tired & constantly stressed out?

Do you experience sexual problems, poor libido

but is reluctant to seek help?

Do you have problems with your prostate?

Do you want to feel 100%, regain confidence & self-esteem?

Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine can help !!

Just like your car needs a maintenance service every 3-5000 km, so is our body.
Similar to charge up your car’s battery, specialty acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal medicine work to charge up your body’s battery, make you feeling energised, rejuvenated and RECHARGED.

Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine offer natural, safe and effective solutions for general health maintenance and treatment for many mens’ health problems.

Wonder Life Clinic: Health Care Naturally™. 

BondiClinicPicWonder Life Health Care Naturally™ (formerly known as Wonder Life Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine) is a professional natural medical clinic. Tenercy Ho, the founder of Wonder Life, is a specialty health practitioner who specialises in treating a wide range of health and medical conditions with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Tenercy HoPicTenercy Ho specialises in men’s health problems since 2004. She had many successes in treating men’s health issues. Her specialty includes: ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), Prostate problems such as prostatitis and prostate cancer related conditions, urinary problems such as incontinence or bladder leakage, low libido libido & sexual (erectile) dysfunctions, emotional health issues including anxiety, depression, energy problems and more.

Mens’ health problems: Chinese medicine perspective

pic-organsGreyYou may be suffering from multiple health conditions such as depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction and irritable bowels, and you may have been seeing different specialists. From Chinese medicine perspective,

Chinese medicine analyses the connections between different ORGAN SYSTEMS, different parts of the body, and the relationship between your physical and emotional wellbeing. It also examines the connections between your diet, habits and your health problems in a WHOLISTIC WAY.

Chinese medicine treats YOU like A WHOLE PERSON, rather than different parts of the body.

Natural Therapies for Men’s Health

Ed (Erectile Dysfunction)       |      Prostate Problems

Mens’ health problems: How can acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine help?

AcuAtlasBWAcupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine focus on the following:
CHARGE UP your body’s battery by improving your energy level.
Improve your blood circulation
Reduce your stress level and stress reactions in the body
Re-balance your nervous system: sympathetic and para-sympathetic
Reduce your stress, anxiety and depression which are the key factors to the
cause of sexual problems & erectile dysfunction.

Mens’ health problems: Road to recovery

When can I start feeling better?
After 3-5 sessions (1-2 sessions/week): better energy, better sleep and feeling less stressed out.
After 10-12 sessions (2-3 sessions in the first 2 weeks): improvements in erectile function and improvement in libido.
The above only provides a general guide to an usual treatment schedule.
Individual treatment plan may vary depending on the persons needs and his working schedule.

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