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Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine have the answer.

Stress Man. Businessman suffers from a headache

Stress Man.

Are you feeling stressed & depressed with your sex performance?

Do you have problems with your erection and
you are scared to seek help?
Are you taking medication and, still, “nothing happens” ?

Is your relationship under threat because of your erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a COMMON, but serious problem that should not be taken lightly.
Men in their 30s may suffer from occasional erectile dysfunction, if their bodies are exhausted or if they suffer from severe stress or depression.
Erectile dysfunction commonly occurs in men over 40s as human body generally starts to decline about the age of 40.
Similar to a car battery that lasts for 2 years, without “charging up” (by acupuncture) or maintenance,
our “body’s battery” can GO FLAT, and consequently, one of the signs and symptom can be erectile dysfunction.

BondiClinicPicWonder Life Health Care Naturally™ (formerly known as Wonder Life Specialty Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine) is a professional natural medical clinic. Tenercy Ho, the founder of Wonder Life, is a specialty health practitioner who specialises in treating a wide range of health and medical conditions with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Tenercy Ho has been specialising in treating men’s health problems since 2004. Her specialty includes: ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), Prostate problems such as prostatitis and prostate cancer related conditions, urinary problems such as incontinence or bladder leakage, low libido and more.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine for ED & Men’s Health Problems

AcuAtlasBWAcupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can provide natural, safe and effective treatments for men’s health problems. They work by the following:
– CHARGE UP your body’s battery by improving your libido, energy level
– BOOST your energy.
– Reduce your stress level and stress reactions in the body
-RE-BALANCE your nervous system: sympathetic and para-sympathetic
– Reduce your stress, anxiety and depression
– IMPROVE your self-esteem & confidence.


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