First time patients are required to have a detail initial consultation. The initial consultation with Tenercy Ho can take between 30-45 minutes (depending on your health history). After the consultation, most patients have an acupuncture treatment. The consultation gives the practitioner a clear understanding of your health conditions, and how your conditions can be best treated.

Initial Consultation

During the consultation, Tenercy gathers your health history including past history, personal history such as your caffeine intake; menstrual information; alcohol intake; allergies; family history; dietary, medication and supplement information. Lastly, she inquires about your current health complaints and symptoms such as digestion, sleeping and energy.


Test Reports or Result:

If you have recently had a blood test or any other tests, it would be very helpful if you can bring the test reports. You can obtain a copy from your GP.

If you don’t have any tests recently, then you don’t have to worry about it.

Medications & Supplements:

Please bring a list of the medications you are currently taking, or you had taken previously, as well as a list of all the supplements you are taking now.

Specialty Acupuncture @ Wonder Life Clinics

Specialty Acupuncture involves multiple treatment modalities including acupuncture, aromatherapy and/or far infrared devices. A standard acupuncture treatment session is 70 minutes.

Treatment Focus

Specialty Acupuncture with Tenercy Ho is an HOLISTIC treatment. This means that she is not just treating you for your current health problems, she also focuses on other important aspects such as boosting your energy, improving your immune system and blood circulation, stress reduction and more…

As the result, after your treatment, you often feel very relaxed and vitalised.

Session length

Initial consultation (Tenercy Ho) + Specialty Acupuncture: 90-120 minutes

Follow up Acupuncture Treatment: 60-75 minutes.

Health Rebate

People with private health cover may receive health rebate for acupuncture treatment. The amount for the rebate varies between insurers and the level of the health cover. The patient will need to submit the treatment receipt to the insurers to receive the rebate.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tenercy Ho does not normally prescribe Chinese herbal treatment in conjunction with acupuncture for the first time patient, as she normally likes to see how the patient responded to acupuncture treatment. Chinese herbal treatment may be suggested at a later time (i.e., 3-5 weeks after the initial consultation) if she feels the patient requires additional boost.


However, Chinese herbal treatment may be suggested to you if,
1. you are living overseas or interstate.
2. Chinese herbal treatment is considered a better treatment option than acupuncture for your health condition, eg, acne.