Specialty Acupuncture is an acupuncture treatment in our Wonder Life clinic for general and/or specialty medical conditions.

People who have specialty acupuncture are required to have a detailed initial consultation. This ensures the practitioner has a clear understanding of your health conditions, and how we can treat your problems effectively.

Initial consultation with Tenercy Ho takes between 30-45 minutes. During the consultation, Tenercy takes your health history including past history, personal history such as your caffeine intake; menstrual information; alcohol intake; allergies; family history; dietary, medication and supplement information. Lastly, she asks about your current health complaints and symptoms such as digestion, sleeping and energy.

After the consultation, the patient will have the acupuncture treatment. Specialty Acupuncture involves multiple treatment modalities including acupuncture, aromatherapy and/or far-infrared devices. A standard treatment session is 70 minutes (from start to finish).


General Perception

Most people think all acupuncture treatments are the same, but they are not.

Acupuncture treatment results can vary dramatically depending on the following factors: the practitioner’s education, training and experience as well as his/her analysis, and the treatment approach toward your health conditions. All of the above are crucial in determining your treatment outcome.

Treatment Focus

After the initial consultation, most patients have a HOLISTIC acupuncture treatment. This includes stress reduction, energy and immune boosting, hormonal balancing (if required), tuning your digestion, sleeping and more.

Session length

Initial consultation (Tenercy Ho) + Specialty Acupuncture: 90-120 minutes.

Follow up Acupuncture Treatment: 60-75 minutes.

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