Specialty Chinese Medicine is the Chinese herbal medicine/treatment prescribed by a professional registered Chinese Medical Practitioner (Australia) for your personal health conditions or a specific health condition such as anxiety or fatigue.

Specialty Chinese Medicine/Treatment (from Wonder Life) is often made up of 6 to 10 different herbs working together, in order to provide a holistic treatment for your health and wellbeing. These herbs are high quality Chinese herbs that are MADE IN TAIWAN and have been concentrated to a factor of 5 (ie, 1g of the powder= 5g of the raw herb).

All new patients are required to have the initial consultation before taking Specialty Chinese Medicine for their health conditions. Initial consultation with Tenercy Ho often takes between 30-45 minutes.

For health conditions such as skin problems, Specialty Chinese Herbal Medicine may be the ideal treatment choice.

Specialty Chinese Herbal Medicine is charged by weight.

For more information, you can contact our clinic.