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Health Condition: Headache

Pain or aching sensation in the head. The pain or ache can be either sharp,

well-defined or dull, unspecific and discomfort.
Accompanying signs & symptoms
Key symptoms: Aching sensations in the frontal, or temporal or even at the back (occipital) areas of the head
Headache of different areas can have different causes
Possible Causes
Frontal Headache
Headaches around the […]

Facts about Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most “under diagnosed” mental health condition in our society. At least, more than half of the population with anxiety didn’t even know they are suffering from anxiety. And 50% of the people who knew they are suffering from anxiety often under estimated how much anxiety have affected their daily lives.

So, […]

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Natural therapies for migraine: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine

Migraine is one of the common headache suffered by people as a result of our busy lifestyle, intense work schedule as well as frequent mobile phone usage. According to the WHO 2003 survey, 303 million people worldwide suffers from migraine, and in an article from 2004, there are almost 20 million migraine attacks happening everyday.
So […]

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